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How High Is Your Definition?

The increasing popularity of crystal clear broadcasts in American TV has indicated that HDT has arrived and here to stay Analog TV shift to an all digital system herald a new dawn in the 65 year history of television Hours of HDTV content are already avail

What You Need to Know About HDTV

If you think that HDTV, since it is one of the world s latest structures of technology, is all about being exactly that, you are dead wrong Yes, if you have one you definitely have the right to boast it around for it is indeed boast worthy, but that is not

The Wonderful World of TV Viewed through HDTV

High definition television or HDTV sets were launched and introduced to the ever insatiable market in 1998 On its launch, HDTV spurred excitement among tech aficionados, sports fans and movie addicts You must be wondering why Well, there is a pretty good r

High Definition Television (HDTV)

High Definition Television or HDTV is the latest on TV technology HDTV is better than most of the available TVs today in many ways in sound, resolution and imaging There are breakthrough technologies at work in a HDTV that made it more recommendable than t

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